lounging around.

Saturday/Sunday Waffled Cowlneck Pullover

I don’t know if I ever really appreciated the notion of loungewear. As someone who’s adamant about not leaving the house in sweats or yoga pants unless I’m gym-bound, it just didn’t seem necessary to invest in cute sweatpants or cozy knit tops–because who was ever going to see them?

But since getting my own place, my view has changed entirely. While I’m still totally comfortable in my favorite jeans and sweaters for hanging out, I have to admit that there’s something really appealing about spending a Saturday in patterned leggings or a pair of skinny sweats, topped by a cardigan more akin to a blanket than actual daywear. Or changing into not-pajamas after a hot post-workout shower to stretch out on the couch with a magazine and a Diet Coke. It just feels so luxurious to take the extra five minutes to change into something that’s not only insanely comfortable but is fun to wear.

With more and more time spent inside curling up by my radiator rather than wandering outdoors, winter is pretty much the ideal time to take advantage of the pretty options out there. So I’ve rounded up some of my favorite comfy pieces, because really, a girl can’t have too many of those little moments of luxury–amIright?

The waffle-knit cowlneck sweater above from Anthropologie is kind of fabulous. I love the mix of knits and that I could definitely leave my place to get a cup of coffee without changing.

Aerie Long Sleeve Romper

My new addiction to Aerie is kind of embarrassing, considering I outgrew American Eagle sometime early in college. But everything they sell is just so soft and cozy. I recently bought these adorable sweats and honestly, the saddest part of my day is taking them off. This romper + my couch + a knit blanket + a latte? Yes, please.


J.Crew Women’s Lodge Moccasins

I splurged on these last year and haven’t looked back. I wear them obsessively–they’re so warm and absolutely darling.


Eberjey Heather Pants

Soft. Feminine. Comfy. All of the good things.


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